5 Exercises & Techniques to Become Less Selfish


How do you become less selfish? Is a question I was asked the other day. It is not often that I hear someone admit they are selfish. In this article you will find a series of tips and techniques. They come from a toolset called NLP.

Step into Someone Else’s Shoes
Make appointments, like a lunch date with a special intention. In these meetings iterally float your mind out of your body, into the shoes of another person, so you look through their eyes. In NLP we call that the second perceptual position. In this position you the other persons emotions, needs, thoughts, desires, based on their experience of the world, age, etc.

Groundhog Day
What if you pretended that you could re-experience the entire day all over again. Except this time you are going to experience through the eyes of the people you encountered today, and took a look at yourself through their eyes.

Discovering Your Positive Intent
Selfish is a negative word, but what if you asked you mind, our gut or your intuition “what is the positive intent behind my selfish behavior in context X” you may get interesting answers. It isn’t always about having as much power, control, or money. Some people are simply after safety and security, or some other basic human need.

Write Your Biography
First start thinking about what you have achieved in life through being selfish, both positive and negative. What has your life story been? How have you affected others? Then imagine what you wish others would say about you when you are old? Perhaps even at your funeral? What do you want your obituary to be?

A Model of Excellence
Do you know someone who is hugely successful in many areas of their life both personal and professional. A person who is happy. What behaviors do they have? How do they go throughout their day? What can you learn through their behavior?

NLP training has many more tools that anyone can learn to stop others or themselves from being selfish. In so many areas in our lives, not just being selfish.