5 Clever Ways to Get Life Coaching Clients


Get Life Coaching clients easily. How? Be creative! I have trained coaches from around the world, and the ones who made it versus the ones that didn’t had one determining factor. The ones that got out there actively, daily, and in the right way made it! And once they got to work, they offered top notch life coaching.

1. Ask a life coaching question over coffee
Spend a day at a coffee house, with a set of helium balloons tied to your chair. Use a sign that says “ask a life coaching question over coffee” or something like that. Consider doing this every week for 1 hour on a specific day, people may start counting on you being there. Of course you can do this anywhere, even in the park.

2. Creating Karma Checks
These karma checks are great to start a conversation. You can easily attach a business card or sticker on the back. I would only hand out the positive karma ones to strike a conversation. If you cannot afford these karma checks you can easily be creative and make them yourself. You could even call them “Life Coaching Karma Checks.” Give someone good karma because they have done a terrific job raising their kids to be so polite. Or compliment hospitality staff on an amazing job beyond the call of duty. Or for someone holding the door for you.

3. Build a community in your niche life coaching marketlife coaching clients
Whether it is online or in the real world, start a group or gathering that relates to your niche market. At this moment in time I actually think your best bet is for a life coaching group to meet in the real world. For instance, if you are able to do life coaching on weight loss clients, starting a club or meetup of some kind is easy.

4. Do something extraordinary in your community
An act of extreme and creative kindness can go a long way. Not only can this be exposure for you, it is also a way to create good karma. I do think an extraordinary act of kindness should be done without getting anything back for it, but if you are going to spend your time marketing yourself … it may as well have the added benefit making someone else feel good.

5. Starting a personal development books book club
People who seek life coaching are often the same people who love reading personal development books. Starting a book club at the local book store may be an idea.

More clever and creative ways to get life coaching clients soon….