5 Brain Programming Tricks to Enhance Your Goals


There are many brain programming tricks that our students learn inside our training sessions in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The application of the tools can be very varied, but one way is to enhance motivation and goal setting. This method of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is learned by coaches around the world, and people in the world of high performance such as professional sports.

Visualize Reaching the Goal
The brain needs to be lit up properly. The way to do this is to visualize the goal associated, meaning you imagine seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting, exactly what you would when you reach your goal. It is important you do this, such as imagining that you are looking through your own eyes.

Enhancing the Visualization
In Neuro-Linguistic Programming we use submodalities to enhance representations inside the mind. This is tweaking the representation or visualization by enhancing their coding. You do this by making the image brighter and bigger in your mind. Enhancing or changing the volume and intensity of the sound therefore increases the intensity of the feeling.

Determining Steps Backwards
Many people start goals, and their current programming dictates that one plans to figure out the steps to a goal by determining what needs to happen first, then second, third etc. This often causes people to get stuck, not knowing what steps to take, or they take the wrong steps. An alternative way to set goals is by starting from the goal and reasoning backwards. You determine the steps by figuring out what the task or milestone was right before you reached the goal, and then before that, etc. During our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, we teach goal setting in different ways.

The First Step is a Must
When we use the Well Formed Outcomes (goal setting) process in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the last question we ask to program the brain is: “What specifically is the first step towards reaching the goal?” This first step needs to be completed soon after reaching the goal, and done well. Often people fail to start their goal, and dream about it only….because they never take the first step. The initial steps towards reaching a goal needs to be completed, in order to create a propulsion process that brings the goal to a close.

There are many brain programming tools covered in Neuro-Linguistic Programming courses, these are only simple suggestions.