4 Steps to Success


What are the 4 steps to success?

There are multiple ways to reach success. Someting a skilled NLP Practitioner or a good coach could help a client achieve.

In coaching clients and training coaches around the world, I have seen proof that it is possible for people to become the best version of themselves and  achieving their goals.

Four steps to success are:

1. Know your result

You have to specifically know what you want. Which is something different than knowing what you DO NOT want. It has to be something that is stated in the positive. Like “I want to be healty and fit.” Instead of “I don’t want to be fat” or “I don’t want to feel like collapsing, every time I run for the train.”

2. Take action.

Just creating vision boards, putting in your future, and focusing on it, is effective. Yet not enough. You have to go and do or get what you want.

3. It has to become real in your minds eye

What would achieving success look, sound and feel like? If you imagined already having reached the goal, what would you see, hear and feel? What if you closed your eyes, and then in your mind wake up the moment you reach the goal? Who is there? Where are  you? What are you seeing, hearing and feeling? What specifically have you done right before that?

4. Be flexible in your behavior.

The person with the most flexibility in their behavior, ends up ruling the system. The more flexible you are, the more you can achieve. The more flexible you are to adept your course, making changes, learning new skills, taking steps forwards, and enganging with different types of people. The more likely you will be successful.

Some coaches have the tendency to want to set goals that are years away. Indeed some goals take that long to achieve. In this case it would be wise to split the larger goal in sub-goals or milestones. Divided by tasks. Six weeks, or even 3 months is easier to grasp than 3 years. Every milestone should be celebrated!

If you like helping others to achieve success, then coaching with NLP as a methodology is definitely something to consider. You can go beyond merely learning the 4 steps to success. Success and happiness has an underlying structure or patter, which is what an NLP course is all about.


  1. Yes, for the coach step 4 is hugely important. Just manageable chunks. It is even more helpful for the client to really make futures real, before it is the future. How can you not reach it, if you already know exactly what is like to achieve it, and align your life accordingly. And also do that with the sub-goals or milestones. Using NLP combined with timelining I find it the easiest way to achieve it. I particularly find it useful with weight loss clients (most clients are very overweight of obese) or other people whom have goals to achieve where it is not realistic or healthy to achieve it a very short time frame. Successes throughout the process of years is important.

  2. Great points here, I would like to add one more point  and that is "responsiblity": My biggest break through was when I discovered that I was responsible for all my actions and results – it was really quite scary at first but it has given me the empowerment to get on with my life.
    PS. I am very interested in your NLP training in October in Amsterdam but had problems with the link!

  3. Absolutely true!!! Thank you!!!!! People often get stuck in blaming others, or sit there hoping it will drop in their lap, or let their thoughts run negatively randomly on their own. We are running a great training as we speak in Amsterdam, fabulous group, we completely sold out and people whom were just planning to do prac signed up for another week. A few that couldn’t will join us for master in October, and they are great. So you will be having some very cool people there. I just checked the website, indeed one of the links doesn’t work. If you go to this page, you can register no problem. http://www.globalnlptraining.com/prices/course-fees-and-registration-2010-2011.html