4 NLP Techniques to Calm Your Mind


There are many ways through which you can calm your mind, NLP only one of them. I meditate daily, but I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Both NLP and meditation can change the brain, also called neuroplasticity. The ability for the brain to change itself.

Are there some simple NLP coaching tips I can give?

NLP Technique 1: Uptime

In NLP we have downtime; what is going on inside of you. And we have down-time, paying attention as to what is happening outside of you. An easy way to make this happen:

1. Spot 1 thing you can smell.
2. Spot 2 textures you are in contact with and can feel.
3. Spot 3 sounds.
4. Spot 4 things you can see.

NLP Technique 2: Step into a Different you

Imagine in front of you stands the version of you who is col, calm and collected.

What would this you look like? Sound like? Make this you as real as possible.
Augment it as much as you can. Pay attention to facial expression and and body posture.

Step into this you. And imagine. What you would see, hear and feel? Augment it.

NLP Technique Tip 3: Painting Yourself on the Inside

Lie down and close your eyes.

What color specifically do you associate with calmness?

Imagine in front of you there is a bucket of calmness in the color of your choosing.

Imagine you could slowly paint yourself this color on the inside. Starting with your toes, working up to the whole foot, your shins and calves all the way to the top of your head.

Optional: breathing peacefully, making your exhale longer than your inhale. This will slow your heart rate.

NLP Technique Tip 4: An Imaginary Bath

Close your eyes.

Imagine that there is a door in front of you, on the door is a colorful sign which says: “Magical Bathroom.”

Walk inside, what would you see hear and feel? Smell and taste?

For example:
What color would a magical bathroom have? What sounds would there be? What is the temperature? What the towels be special? Faucets? Would it be a bathroom or would it be more like an outdoors like space? Large or small? If you were to touch anything, what would the texture be? The temperature? What does it smell like?

Inside this magical bathroom there is a bath. It is the most beautiful bath you have ever seen. Inside of it water from the fountain of calmness, peace and relaxation. Make this as real as possible. And this is your imagination, so go crazy here.

Imagine sliding into this nice warm bath slowly. Imagine would you see, hear and feel, and smell?

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