4 Easy Ways to Beat Test Anxiety Using NLP


We are often asked questions about how someone can beat test anxiety using NLP! Test anxiety is very common in both adults as well as children. What would life be like, if this very important test is about to be there. Let’s say the outcome of passing the test will allow you to change your life for the positive, and/or allow your dream to come true.
But there you are, and the test anxiety at the moment reigns supreme and rears its ugly head. You stand frozen, sweating like a cat in a Korean Deli (no offense to Koreans,) you have forgotten everything your yoga teacher said about breathing. In fact, at this moment in time, you are a broken yoga chick/dude!

Now, have you considered that anxiety only exists in the future? Test anxiety is like a magictestanxietyNLP button, that we push, about something that could go wrong in the future! Now how do we fix test anxiety using NLP, without seeing a coach? Well that’s tough. But there is no need for you to live with this. Here are some quick and easy ways to use NLP to at least help you relax, and perhaps even fix the test anxiety.

1. Step into a Place of Excellence!
Watch the video showing a simple technique to use NLP in greeting rid off test anxiety. The video assumes no previous NLP training and is an extremely simplified version of a larger process.

2. Associate into the Future You

For a moment, close your eyes. Step into that future you who has already completed the test. Visualize it as if you are looking through your own eyes – association. What would you see, hear and feel after the test is over? There would be no anxiety, right? Now breathe. It’s over, and now with that feeling of having gained control, you can move forward.

3. Visualize a Positive Outcome

You can combine this with the first method described above. Step into the future you, right in the moment of the test. And imagine what you would see, hear and feel the moment you decide to step into a flow at that moment in time: where you are at the peak of your ability or focus, where everything is effortless, where all of your preparation comes out at the right time. Yes, NLP yourself out of your test anxiety, into test excellence!

4. Step into a Model

In NLP we often use models (other people) who can do things exceptionally well. Find someone in your environment who is cool, calm and collected. Someone who tests well both in terms of the outcome of the test, as well as reaching it in a good emotional state. What specifically does someone do during his/her preparation? How does he study or practice? Does this person sometimes have test anxiety? How does he overcome it? Perhaps even use NLP. What specifically does this person do right before, and during, the test?