2 Simple NLP Techniques To Instantly Boost Your Confidence


I love the different NLP techniques taught inside an NLP training because you can use them for many different purposes and problems. Thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are interwoven. We can change an emotion by having a different thought or behavior. What happens if you change the thought or behavior first?

NLP Technique 1: Eliciting the State of Confidence

In the foundation of NLP, different techniques are taught to create emotional states in yourself and others. There are various reasons for this, but one is to access a more positive emotional state to change your thoughts and behaviors.

Think of a context where you are hugely confident?

  1. A memory in your past where you were confident.
  2. A place where you are naturally confident.
  3. Something where you have mastery.

Imagine you are in this context, looking through your own eyes.

Imagine what you would see, hear, and feel?

Increase the intensity of the feeling.

NLP Technique 2: Using a Model of Excellence

In NLP, not only emotional state elicitation using familiar contexts are used. There is also room for learning or accessing emotions that aren’t even known. This can be done by modeling a person who does know how to access the emotional state.

In the below NLP technique, I also use scientific research on how emotional states of confidence change when a particular body posture is adopted.

Dr. Amy Cuddy and Dr. Dana Carney at Berkeley University did a psychological experiment asking the test subjects to stand in a superman-like power-pose for 2 minutes. They were then asked if they were willing to gamble. It turned out that 86% of those who opted to use the power-pose were willing to gamble. At the same time, only 60% of the low-power posers dared to do so. The high-power posers showed an 8% increase in testosterone, while the 60% found a decrease. Also, the high-power posers showed a 25% decrease in the stress hormone cortisol, and the low-power posers experienced a 15% increase.

Think of the most confident person you know.

Imagining seeing them inside a movie, and pay attention to:

  1. What do they sound like? Pay attention to the quality of this person’s voice, the volume they speak, the tonality.
  2. Imagine what this person looks like? Pay attention to facial expression, how to stand, and body posture.
  3. Imagine Yourself with that same tone of voice, the same volume.
  4. Imagine yourself adopting the same body posture and facial expression.
  5. Now stand (in real life) stand in this body posture for two minutes.
  6. If appropriate, also speak for 2 minutes using that same type of voice and volume.
  7. Notice how a confident feeling represents itself inside the body. Does it start anywhere? Intensify the feelings.

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