11 Tips to Practice NLP While Driving to Work



In practicing NLP, there is never a dull moment. Even when you are driving to work!

1. Develop your visual sensory acuity and being in up time. On the way over notice as many details as you can in the landscape, the light fall, cars in driveways or not, etc. Do the same thing on the way home: what changed?

2. Practice talking someone else through very first SWISH pattern, someone who has never heard about NLP before. Do so clearly, with confidence, covering each and every step. For those who have only practiced doing a SWISH pattern inside their NLP training, this may be more challenging than you think.

3. Practice state elicitation in various ways. Improve your skills! This will help the quality of your anchors as well.

4. Practice your Milton model, or a piece of the Milton model.

5. Can you spend an entire car ride thinking of as many nominalizations as you possibly can? A verb turned into a noun. For instance: communication, tolerance, creativity, etc.

6. Turn on the radio, pick a station where someone is talking, or even an interview is being done. Practice your meta model, as if you are asking the questions.

7. Turn on the radio and start analyzing the language patterns: how is the Milton model being used? For instance, by a politician.

8. When listening to the radio, can you spot which metaprograms a speaker has?

9. Do the same thing for predicates. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic words.

10. If you haven’t committed them to memory yet, list as many submodalities as you possibly can VAK O/G.

11. For inspiration, download podcasts from Global NLP Radio (link)