10 Tricks for When NLP Fast Phobia Cure Goes Wrong


The NLP fast phobia cure is typically taught in NLP Practitioner, when people are unfortunately not always experienced enough to know what to do when the technique goes wrong.

This article assumes you already know the NLP fast phobia cure, and that you are already an NLP Practitioner.

  1. Make the movie theater bigger, or alternatively, make the movie screen the size of a postage-stamp.
  2. Build in an extra level of dissociation by putting in another Plexiglas wall.
  3. Add more safety time before or after the event.
  4. Play the black and white movie with a lot of extra time in safety after the event. In many cases, picturing years of safety or lack of exposure may be necessary.
  5. Zap backwards into a circle of excellence.
  6. Zap backwards, overriding all sound with loud music.
  7. Play in black and white or zap backward only the bottom half of the screen of the movie, and then the upper half.
  8. Drop the final points using a SWISH pattern, or by mapping across (both simple NLP Practitioner patterns).

These final two are for NLP Master Practitioners:

  1. Consider the subject’s failure of the pattern for core change work, as there is likely secondary gain at play. In my experience, this is the only NLP pattern that is actually guaranteed to work if applied properly, and when there is no secondary gain.
  2. Do the fast phobia cure on a timeline, which provides you the opportunity to dissociate with the client while standing much farther away from the timeline.