10 Tips to Easily Practice your NLP Milton Model


The NLP Milton model is a wonderful tool for coaching, public speaking, teaching and communication in general. It is taught as part of the NLP Practitioner course.milton model

Here are 10 easy tips to practice your NLP Milton Model after completing your first NLP class.

1. Focus on 1 part of the Milton model instead of the Milton Model entirely. The best way to eat an elephant is to do so one bite at a time.

2. Write down 3 Milton Model sentences a day (or make them up on your way to work), that you can could use in any context you have planned for that day.

3. Set a well formed outcome to master the Milton Model in 3 months, by practicing a piece 15 minutes a day.

4. Give you NLP Milton Model an extra zing, if you have done NLP Master Practitioner.


5.  For 1 week straight, give everyone around you an option. More specifically one out of two options that yo pick. Are you going to practice the Milton model today or tomorrow?

6. Use the following words more (trust the rest of the sentence will easily fall into place): notice, observe, easily, imagine, now, or, but, which.

7. It is also fun to play with negations. Standard lines like the following:

  • Wouldn’t you agree?
  • Don’t you know?
  • Isn’t it so?

Just use them more frequently in your daily vocabulary.

8. Spend a couple days using the end -ly as much as possible. For instance: possibly, easily, naturally, etc.

9. Write down as many nominalizations as possible, words you can’t see, hear or feel. You can’t put them in a wheel barrow. It is a verb turned into noun. To make it easy on yourself this words often end with -tion, -dom, -ity, -ence, -ance etc.

10. Use the words above as much as possible in sentences in your daily life using glue words like: and, or, during, while etc.