10 Tips for Improving Your MBTI Type Reading Skills


People ask me all the time how, next to NLP, I became so proficient in MBTI ®  and quickly able to type read on the spot. The honest answer?  Practice.  Admittedly, I have read a lot of books about MBTI, but the actual learning how to speed read was through fun.

Here are 10 Tips for Improving Your MBTI ® Type Reading Skills (regardless of whether or not you are an NLP Practitioner.)mbtiimage

1. Memorize keywords that describe each MBTI ® opposite (E, I, N, S, T, F, J, P, S vs N, T vs F, E vs I, and J vs P.)  This is really a must, to get a basic understanding and the best start possible.

2. Each week pick two opposites to concentrate on, as the only way you can eat an elephant is by eating it one bite at the time. The same goes for MBTI ®. For instance, S vs N, T vs F, E vs I, and J vs P.

3. Start asking questions.  For the NLP Practitioners who have trained with me, Meta Model based questioning comes in incredibly handy. This way you can practice your MBTI ® and your NLP skills.

4. Figure out types everywhere you go:  in meetings, at the store, in the elevator, while having lunch, etc.

5. There is no need to be shy!  You can ask a friend, family or co-worker whom you are in rapport with, which set of keywords for each dichotomy applies more to them.

6. Start with learning everything about your own type:  how your type relates to stress, to work, in relationships, in goal setting, etc.

7. Start learning about the types of the 5 people you spend the most time with at work and at play.

8. Think of as many questions as you can that could help you spot type, and also in different contexts.

9. Start talking to someone in THEIR map of the world (in other words, based on their type.)

10. Fake to be another type for a day. I have some really amazing experiences doing that.  I even wore the name badge of INTJ at an MBTI ® conference once to see if I could pull it off without being noticed (I am an ENFP.)