10 Tips for Coaching at a Clients Home or Office

1. Make sure that the client understands the rules upon meeting in their office or home.


2. No distractions: no (cell)phones, closed door policy, no noise, no kids, no co-workers interrupting etc.)


3. Preferably a location where there are no other people, or other people can not burst in. It leaves for awkward situations when someone is being coached on a limitation or difficulty with another person whom is near by. Or a deeply personal matter.


4. No paperwork or objects relating to tasks in view.  No objects that reminds the client as to what still needs to be done.


5. Beware of anchors (NLP) in the room, you may want to choose a different location when heavily anchored.


6. Meet with a client in a location where he or she is comfortable, though not too comfortable.


7. Ensure of your own safety when meeting the client for the first time. You may want to meet in public first.


8. Make sure there is plenty of space, when you use coaching techniques that may require space, like NLP timeline coaching.


9. Protect the client – coach relationship, which means the meeting is conducted as a coaching session. When meeting at a clients office or home, there is a temptation for the client to feel as if they are talking to a friend or co-worker.


10. Charge for the time you travel to the clients location, and the time you may spend waiting for their availability in their office.