10 Reasons Why Life Coaching is the Best Profession!


Many people decide to take the plunge to start life coaching for a living, but often times, novice coaches don’t yet realize what makes the profession even better than they think. Not taking away from the fact that having a successful practice takes serious work acquiring customers initially and doing all those things that it takes to run a business next to just executing your profession. But for those hard working brave souls out there, here is what you have to look forward to if you choose the job of life coach and business owner.

1. Life coaching allows you to change lives for a living

Clearly, this is one of the most obvious reasons why someone chooses to be a life coach. 9 out of 10 times, new life coaches express to me that they want to help people. However, some people think that coaching is the same thing as helping friends or advising. In coaching you actually don’t advise, nor are you a paid friend. Coaching requires tools and techniques, and the right ones. And of course, it also requires getting paid, otherwise it is a hobby. People who are looking for a coach aren’t looking for a hobbyist, they are looking for a professional.

2. You make the world a more positive place

It is not just about the client whom you propel forward into personal change, this has an affect on anyone they touch. I always say that many people, by taking a coaching or NLP Practitioner course, end up changing the lives of their future great-grandchildren.

3. The amount of personal change you go through

In all honesty, there is not a single training that taught me more than my clients and students teach me. It is through helping them or working with them, that I experience a lot of growth of my own.

4. You learn about building a life coaching business on a small budget

Llife coachife coaches don’t make it if they don’t learn how to build business, and how to be fearless. You have to become a public speaker, marketer, networker, administrator, sales person, event manager, IT person, financial manager, and creative genius when it comes to acquiring customers. Failing to put on all of these hats and learn everything about them, you simply will have a tough time making it. But this learning process is a wonderful one!

5. You are in the business of switching the negative into the positive

Where so many jobs have no output, and have the tendency to switch the positive into the negative usually through office politics, in a life coaching business you spend your day meeting people in one state, in order to put them in another.

6. You take a training and then master the skill set while getting paid

Mastering a skill set requires training/study but more importantly it requires practice. The best thing is that for practicing on clients, you actually get paid.

7. You control the results of your business

As a business owner, you do get to call the shots. Which means, whichever outcomes you have in the success of your business are yours to have. If you haven’t truly gotten out there to make it happen, it’s on you. If you made it happen, it’s on you, too. If you make great decisions, you’ll know. I have met so many successful questions, and the factor isn’t “luck,” the factor is doing it and getting out there. Being a courageous shaker and a mover. Doing things you have never done before.

8. Inspirational figures are your professional example

Whether it is Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey or Marianne Williamson, inspirational figures are your professional role models in so many ways.

9. You determine your time and you have no boss

Coaching allows many parents to work around the schedule of their children. This doesn’t mean they don’t work, I know many single parents who still work a 40 hour work week (keep in mind not all your hours are physically spent coaching,) while still being able to be there 100% for their children. Also the big bonus: you have no boss! You are in charge of your world. And even though you have that freedom, you work your *ss off!

10. The most amazing books and trainings are business expenses

You can enjoy the most amazing books and trainings, and call it “work,” and they are all business expenses for a life coaching business and tax deductible.