10 NLP Tips for Parents



One of my favorite reasons for people coming to my NLP training is when someone simply answers, “Because I want to become a better parent!” I really can’t think of any better reason than improving your parenting skills.

This article assumes that the parent has taken NLP training.

Here are 10 NLP tips for parents:

1. Future pace your child in already having achieved his or her goal.

2. Teach your child to have flexibility in traveling through all perceptual positions. Practice, creating fun games. This will help him or her today and for the future, in understanding the different points of view.

3. Be careful of your “buts” and “howevers.” Remember that everything stated before those words is simply deleted by their unconscious mind.

4. Remember that the unconscious mind can’t process negations. What is the first thing you do when I say, “don’t think of a pink elephant”? What do you think your child is going to be thinking of when you say, “don’t drink alcohol at that party”?

5. If you are on the phone talking about someone else or saying negative things, step into the second perceptual position of your child. Also consider this the next time you are having a fight with your significant other in front of your child.

6. Elicit a confident state in your child, and let them set an anchor on themselves. Portable confidence: all kids need it!

7. Teach them to dim those scary images, and put them into the distance.

8. How does your child learn? What modalities and strategies do they use? VAK? Did you ever figure out if their teacher is V, A or K? And does the teacher teach within the map of your child? How can you help?

9. Create magic circles for your child, spatially anchoring positive states.

10. Apply NLP age appropriately!

11. Pace and lead your child into doing the dishes. 😉

Parents, good luck with your NLP style parenting!