10 Gifts for the Holidays for and by NLP Practitioners


zebuWell, it is almost that time of year again NLP Practitioners! The holidays will soon be coming, as will the New Year. Here are my tips for the holidays: great NLP gifts for all budgets.

1. Zebu Cards – these cards have been around forever, and recently had an update. An excellent way to practice the Milton model and hypnotic patterns.

Zebu: The Hypnotic Language Card Game

2. An inspirational metaphor – a true no-budget gift of great magnitude.

3. A circle of excellence or a spatial anchor could even be delivered over Skype. Who doesn’t need more resourceful states? Another no-budget gift.

4. Guide someone to set a well-formed outcome, just in time before we head into the New Year.

5. Monsters and Magical Sticks – a true gem to add to any NLP skill set. Hypnosis with an NLP approach; a true brilliant classic.

Monsters & Magical Sticks: There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis?

6. Spotify gift card with an inspirational song list you have created … songs that apply to the world of NLP. For inspiration you can visit the Global NLP motivational song list of my former students.

7. The Origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming by John Grinder, which outlines the history of NLP (ignore the politics.)

Origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming

8. Create a nice visualization using NLP and put it on audio so your loved ones can listen to it before going to bed, on the plane, etc.

9. Global NLP former students only: for $300 dollars you can obtain access to Global NLP Premium with a study at home NLP Practitioner video for already licensed NLP Practitioners, podcasts, NLP videos, do it yourself practice assignments, all forms required to start a coaching business, NLP based legal contracts for both individual use as well as workshops. Updates every 3 months.

Global NLP Premium

10. Some NLP training companies offer discounted rates or even free training for students whom already have taken their NLP training. You could contact the company, and ask!


  1. Yes, I’ve read John Grinders – Origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming and it is a good read. I found the NLP politics in it interesting as well, by the way.

    An eleventh gift to add to your list would also be to invest in an NLP Master Practitioner or Trainers training, the world needs more NLP trainers.

    Have a great Christmas.