10 Easy Tips to Get Someone Off of the Train of Negative Thoughts Using NLP


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How do you Spot Negative Thoughts in Others Using NLP?

Though negative thoughts in someone can have a deeper installation, it is most certainly possible to quickly pull someone out of a train of negative thoughts in the moment.

Interrupt their pattern by:

  1. Not going along with the negative thought train, and simply asking: “What would happen if you could do it?” Or “What would happen if it goes well?” Etc.
  2. Switching the subject to something else.
  3. Creating a distraction.
  4. Cracking a joke (without being offensive.)
  5. Offering a positive solution.
  6. Saying something outrageous (to interrupt the pattern.)
  7. Letting them think about something that creates a powerful positive emotional state or elicits a positive state.
  8. Letting them talk about something that they are positive about.
  9. Focusing them on what they can do, and/or are able to solve.
  10. Allowing them to focus on the first step towards a solution, and ask for specificity around this, how and when are they going to achieve that, at least to start making progress.

In the next article we will discuss how to use eye movement to move someone away from using the feeling part of the brain, or that part of the brain when someone talks to themselves. This is a simple NLP technique to move someone away from negative thoughts quickly.