10 Business Coaching Tips for Motivation


Business coaching for motivation has been a powerful tool for many to propel themselves away from procrastination and a lack of organization. Many people have difficulty motivating themselves in certain contexts of their work or life, or are suffering from a “coaching” manager whose idea of motivation is that the flogging won’t stop until you are motivated.  Though this may be effective for some, it isn’t for most others.

Here are 10 business coaching tips for motivation:

1. Understand that the brain can’t understand the difference between those things you imagine, and those things that are real.

Ever had one of those nights, when you are supposed to go to sleep, and you imagine a horrible talk that you are going to have tomorrow? Imagining what the other person would say, and what you would say back. And before you know it, you are awake at 2 AM angry over a conversation that hasn’t happened. Indeed, we emotionally respond to our thoughts. It is therefore advised to take control over your thoughts, and imagine positive outcomes.

2. Imagine a future with a positive outcome.

Step into your imaginary time machine and go to the moment in the future when you have completed the task  you want to motivate yourself to do. Imagine that this moment is today;  what is it that you would see, hear and feel? Who would be around? Where would you be? This is an important propulsion system.

3. Step into the shoes of the person who loves you the most, or the person you work for.

Float your awareness out of your body, into the person who loves you the most, or the person you work for. This is a very powerful business coaching tool for motivation. Once you have filled the shoes of this person, look at yourself. What would this person see, hear, or feel if you motivated yourself to complete a certain task or fulfill a goal. How does this impact them? What would they say or how would they reward the you who so diligently completed the task or goal?

4. How would completing a series of tasks or a goal impact your life?

In business coaching for motivation or life coaching, a tool called the wheel of life is frequently used. How would completing your goal at work impact your life as whole? How would your level of satisfaction improve where it comes to your career, finance, fun, health, personal development, romance, personal relationships, and the places where you spend your day?

5. How would completing a series of tasks or a goal impact the company you work for?

How does this impact your place of work, and opportunities that would come up as a result? Not just impacting you, but the company as a whole. How does it affect communication, finance, customer service, marketing, sales, management, human resources and production? The yield that the business as a whole may have can easily propel your career.

6.  Understand that some people are away-motivated while others are toward-motivated.

NLP is a powerful tool for business coaching for motivation. It is a set of tools and techniques anyone can learn by taking a training. With Global NLP Training you can take NLP classes combined with motivational coaching as well as life coaching. Below is a short video explaining both types of motivation.


7. Turn negative self-talk into positive self talk

The way we talk to ourselves can make or break motivation. Start catching yourself when you talk to yourself in a way that you would likely not tolerate from anyone else. Be your own biggest motivator, and start saying positive things to yourself. You become what you think about.

8. What/who specifically is stopping you from taking the first step to start completing the task or goal?

This will clearly identify what the problem is, and what (or who) you need to deal with. And perhaps you will find the only person who is stopping you, is you.

9. Start working in 90 minute intervals at peak performance. Business coaching for motivation at its core!

Recently studies have shown that we can get significantly more done in a day by managing our energy well. In fact, we can do more in far less time. Who doesn’t want to go home at 2 PM instead of 6 PM or later? Remove all distractions, set your alarm for 90 minutes. You work completely focused, as quickly as you can, at a great quality. No distractions, no Facebook, no checking email, nothing. After that you relax, go for lunch, chat with a co-worker. You will notice how much you get done!  This is an excellent motivator.

10. Set priorities and work on one task at a time.

The more you get done, more motivating it will be. In business coaching for motivation you spend a lot of time organizing the client on this.