NLP Training and Life Coach Certification

Global NLP Training would like to invite you to our NLP, Life Coach training and certification programs and workshops: a life changing blended learning program with NLP based positive psychology and strategic communication. We offer training courses in NLP, the number 1 tool of choice among top celebrity business and life coaches around the world.

In just 16 days, you can go from having no previous NLP or Life Coaching experience at all, to building a platform of advanced skills and confidence to create a lifetime of excellence and continued learning and growth. By taking the full 16 day program, you can take advantage of developing lifelong relationships and resources with fellow students and enjoy the continuity of completing the course, start to finish, that is sure to make dramatic and life long changes in the way you work, learn and live.

In addition to NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, Global NLP Training is the only NLP training and Life Coach Certification company in the world to offer personality profiling (MBTI®), Social and Emotional Intelligence training using cutting edge NLP techniques to improve your EQ.

Whether you are looking for life coach training, want to add NLP to your coaching tool box, or simply want to master NLP for personal empowerment, communication, therapy, education, weight loss, sports, leadership or business, we offer dynamic and fun courses throughout the world to help you reach your goals.

We offer intensive live immersion style seminars of the highest quality, where skill mastery in NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and 4 life coaching certifications can be achieved in 7 or 16 day immersion style training formats. Our trainer has over 25 years of experience in NLP, and is one of the few trainers with an international reputation in the Americas, Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia.

The tools taught inside our NLP & Coaching classes are used for:
  • Business & Life Coaching
  • Therapy
  • Motivational & Public Speaking
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Sports
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership & Management
  • Mediation & Negotiation
  • Education
  • Parenting
  • Weight Loss
  • Marketing & Sales

Our Courses

Days: 7
Requirements: None
Course Certifications:
NLP Practitioner and motivational coaching. Optional: NLP Communication.

Become a certified NLP Practitioner – enroll in Global NLP Training’s life changing NLP training course. Learn fundamental techniques of NLP as determined by the Society of NLP as well as the core competencies of coaching using NLP as a methodology. This program can be taken stand-alone, or as a full immersion program with NLP Master Practitioner, life coaching, social & emotional intelligence coaching certification by adding 8 or 9 more days.

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Days: 9
Requirements: NLP Practitioner or NLP Communication workshop
Course Certifications:
NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coaching, Social & Emotional Intelligence Coaching. Optional: NLP Advanced Communication.

By taking this exciting 9 day NLP Master Practitioner training, you will obtain the highest practitioner certification currently available. This course contains 100% new information, and builds on top of your already existing skill set learned in NLP Practitioner. In addition, this advanced course teaches you the most powerful NLP techniques to become a highly skilled and effective life coach.

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Days: 16
Requirements: None
Course Certifications:
NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Motivational Coaching, Life Coaching, Social & Emotional Intelligence Coaching. Optional: NLP Communication and/or NLP Advanced Communication.

Most people who choose to follow the path to becoming a life coach or NLP Master Practitioner elect to do so in the most thorough, efficient and effective way possible. These students usually come from other professions where they can blend their valuable experience in business or their previous profession and life experience to create a synergy that translates to assisting others to make positive and lasting changes in their own lives.

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Our Locations

We train in exciting destinations around the world! Take your Global NLP Training in the rice paddies of Bali, the old city center of beautiful Amsterdam, and on the beach in Los Angeles and Miami. Many of our students opt to make use of our bring-a-friend discount, and choose to bring their partner, family members, co-workers or friends with them to share their experiences and their lodging.